water park.jpg


Media is evolving and so is LOCK + LAND. Finding new and engaging content for social channels has become an integral part of marketing and advertising for many of our favorite clients like LEGOLAND Florida +California Resorts. For our most recent shoot we focused on creating engaging animations alongside our vibrant and colorful still photography. As luck would have it, our two day shoot was bombarded by rain and grey skies. Even though our crew was thoroughly soaked, we had to make sure our photos conveyed the usually bright and sunny surroundings of LEGOLAND Water Park. It was a fun challenge that forced us to get creative with our timing, lighting and post production.

For the animated imagery we used a couple different approaches with mashups and double exposures with video and stills interacting. We also added some plotagraphs, cinemagraphs, and traditional GIFs as the scene and content dictated from the Water Park to the Hotel. Hover over each image in this post to see which ones come to life. The animations allow us to add some fun and movement to our imagery - which we are all about when working with such an awesome client!