sunsets, sharks, and silhouettes

We spent 15 hours on a fishing boat. No dramamine. Survival achieved.

One of our favorite regular clients, New College of Florida, asked us to spend the day with marine biology students researching shark out in the waters off Sarasota, FL. They didn't mention the 5:00 am call time nor the 15 hours of bobbing around 10 miles off-shore, but we're down for any adventure. It's always very visual and fun. Students got the amazing experience of heading out with their professor and Mote Marine Laboratory researchers to catch and release sharks after taking bio samples, tagging and measuring each kind of shark they managed to wrangle into the boat not much wider than the sharks being pulled up by the students. Every shark in these images were released safely back to swim and provide data for years to come thanks to an award from the Florida Institute of Oceanography and their New College professor, Dr. Jayne Gardiner.

The next day was a little calmer along the bayfront behind NCF as students wade into water to collect crabs, fish and other small animals for their tanks, which all get released as well. Admittedly, a little easier than pulling a 350lb. bull shark on a boat.

We at LOCK + LAND love the way NCF approaches their photography. They use real students in their marketing materials. They document real experiences. They also let us roam free when on campus to really get to the heart of what it is like to attend school there. They like big skies and pretty pictures. A client after our own heart.

We spend a lot of time in FL for them and love every minute of it - especially when it's snowing back home in Colorado.