slow ride over suburbia

We can think of faster way to get around Orlando, but a hot air balloon ride was a nice change of pace from sitting in Disney traffic on I-4.

The early morning starts with signing your life away and nowhere in there does it really say you have to work to keep this thing afloat. As photographers, can't really complain about the views - they are stunning - even if you're floating over suburbia. You can see 360 degrees for miles and up there you hear nothing besides the invisible hot air that keeps you alive that puffs every so often as people in questionable wardrobes pop out of their house with their morning coffees to wave and take pictures with their iPhones. You're at the mercy of the wind and the pilot to get you down and their isn't any real plan where to land. After a few attempts and a close call with a Lowe's sign we made our gentle glide to safety in a parking lot of said box store. It's an experience and we're glad LOCK + LAND got the call for this gig for a book for Morris Visitor Publications - the views are worth any sort of nerves or question as to your sanity.