ichi stool. ichi series. ichi-ro.

Everyone thinks that being a sports photographer is glamorous and you have the best seat in the house. Half of that is correct. You do have the best seat in the house. Unfortunately, that seat is a small uncomfortable stool that by the end of a series seams to be permanently implanted in your backside.

L + L got the call to cover Ichiro Suzuki's quest for 3,000 from the mothership, Major League Baseball herself. The road to 3,000 was taking a while, so who knew if Ichiro would even reach 3,000 on Rockies turf, but chances are good with the thin air and how balls travel here like they are heading to Vegas. The other factor is the Japanese media, who are insanely nice, but travel in packs of hundreds. Normally no one would be here covering a Marlins game beside a couple wires, but this event filled every available spot meaning that assigned stool was L + L's home for three days.

It was three days of waiting around for Ichiro to make two hits. He pinch hit two of the games, so there was one chance on each of those. Most of the time that would annoy. This allows for the creative juices to take over and eyes to wander, which is where most of these pictures came from. Luckily, the Marlins decided to start him on Sunday with some pretty light, which allowed five shots at it. Third time's a charm and he ripped a triple placing him right in front of the aforementioned assigned stool and the infamous 3,000 - which is a pretty standard image of a dude hitting.

Only in MLB, it's # 3,000 which is a huge deal (only 30 have reached this milestone ever) and we got it.