2 iphones + 2 teams + 2 seconds

There was always the resistance to cell phones taking over professional photography when they came out. Admittedly they were terrible quality at the time, but accessible to all. Most pro photogs wouldn't be caught dead shooting with a camera phone alongside another photographer using a couple pro DSLR bodies and long glass sometimes with $20K in gear around their neck.

That time has changed and while you definitely get some looks as if you're some hack, there is no denying it's changing the way stories are told visually. Adapt or die they say. 

ESPN decided to hire LOCK + LAND's Chip Litherland for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and Scott Strazzante out for the Rose Bowl during the College Football Playoffs alongside their normal arsenal of cameras angles (both still and video).  They wanted to experiment with the new iPhone X to tell the story in a different way using the live view mode and in vertical mode - polar opposites of what was expected.

It was an adjustment but fun challenge after spending almost two decades preferring horizontal still photography, but there's something just awesome about seeing - and hearing - the moments around the actual fraction of a second where the shutter was pressed.

It's a crazy time to be in the industry as tech changes almost monthly, but either embrace it or find yourself on the sidelines (cheesy pun intended).

Check out the ESPN final page here: http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/21936186/inside-georgia-alabama-cfp-semifinals