playing for mr. palmer

You either know golf or you don't. Either way, you know the name Arnold Palmer.

He was The King. He passed away last year leaving a legacy that goes beyond long drives and short putts. It is more than just a drink. His memory lives on through the hundreds of professional players on the PGA Tour that play every weekend on fairways across the globe.

LOCK + LAND was approached by the Arnold Palmer Invitational + True North marketing agency to document the tournament the first year since Mr. Palmer's death. We walked the same course for five days looking for vibrant imagery to create unique marketing content to help shape the future of the API. In the end, we wanted to help continue the narrative of his the love of the game, his charitable efforts, and the way his influence lives on through the players on the tour currently rocking the game.

Mr. Palmer's cart is parked on the 16th tee where he always sat and watched in recent years. His office is empty left as it was with his eyeglasses, trophies, and photos untouched. A red sweater is given in his honor now to the tournament winner. A huge statue now stands proudly behind the 1st tee. The list goes on and of how Bay Hill is honoring their namesake.

Our team of photographers walked tens of thousands of steps, dodged wayward shots, woke up at sunrise, didn't leave until sunset. Blisters still linger but all was worth it to be a part of this awesome tournament.

Probably won't help our golf game though.