Anyone can go into a bar and ask for a beer. Then there's Colorado's craft brew industry where you can go into that same bar and ask for a beer made with ghost pepper or hibiscus flowers or locally-sourced honey.

Lock + land approached 21 of Denver and Boulder's best breweries and asked them each for one recipe that challenges the palette. Typically beer uses hops, water, yeast and malt, but breweries here are stepping it up a notch. We're celebrating the passion and creativity that goes into making not just beer, but the best beer in the country.

Big thank you to Black Project Spontaneous + Wild AlesBlack Sky, Boulder Beer, Call to Arms, Cerebral, Comrade, Copper KettleCrooked Stave, Epic, Fiction, Finkel & Garf, Joyride, Little Machine, Mockery, Odd13, Renegade, River North, Spangalang, Strange, Twisted Pine, and Westfax for participating in the project!

Go drink all their beers now and support local Colorado brew. You can thank us later.

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